you are not obliged to stay with me

You don't need to feel obliged to stay with me, my love
To put up with my miseries so patiently, my love

I am prepared to live with hate and fear of blowing up
But you, a delicate crystal cup - how could you be, my love?

Set aflame this forest facing its last bitter days
So that someday my phoenix might take wing, be free, my love!

Actually for two days now I've struggled with the thought
That I should tell you without words, but honestly, my love:

How could you ever fit into this hamlet, small and cold
When you're a city, the vast world, a galaxy, my love

O my unbelieving poem, O fruitless time, I'm just
An uncompleted letter resting on your knee, my love

This leprous age has gnawed away my face, yet even so
Your petals dance upon my eyelids heedlessly, my love 

Translated by Zuzanna Olszewska

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